National Association of Atomic Veterans, Inc.

A tax exempt organization


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(Updated July 1, 2009)

Atomic Veterans are persons currently serving or who have served in the United States Military, including the Reserves and National Guard, and those honorably discharged or retired from military service.

The veterans identified above must have served within the contiguous limits of the United States as well as Hawaii and Alaska, or on foreign shores or waters during wartime, the Cold War including participation in nuclear testing, and occupation of Hiroshima or Nagasaki, including those interned as a prisoner of war.

Other categories of Atomic Veterans, although not necessarily military, are those involved in the manufacture, handling, distribution, transporting, testing, and those in the proximity of any device which emits radiation.  Other sources of radiation which may pertain to the above personnel may be in areas where depleted uranium  has been utilized in the manufacture of weapons used in  the Gulf War and elsewhere; nuclear-powered subs and other vessels; nuclear-powered generators and nuclear power plants; X-ray technicians and other medical personnel.

All references herein to "Atomic Veterans" shall include the spouse and offspring of said veteran and non-military persons.

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