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Desk of the Commander

     August 2016

I have been busy getting this next convention setup.

Our next Convention will be in September 2016 in Las Vegas, NV.  The dates are Sept 14th, 15th and the 16th. We will visit the Atomic Testing Museum and have a tour to Camp Desert Rock test site.

At convention we will need 4 new board members, so if you want to become a board member Let us know.

 Thank all members for getting the dues current.  We are still getting our data base correct. Our store Items are growing. We now have a Ginny pig pin. It says that  we are the Atomic Ginny pigs.

We are filling the state commanders’ positions; still need a couple to have all states filled. If you want that job let Gillie Jenkins know. Phone # 804-334-8585

I just received a call about getting your atomic records. The place to call is Vets records radiation, In Bell View, VA. The number is 1-800-462-3683. This may help several Veterans get more information.

I want to thank all that have helped with our membership, Newsletters and NAAV information.

Thanks to all the contributions for the operating fund and newsletter.

When we need help you members really kicked in and answered the question. I thank you for your support.

We made reservation at the 4 point motel fro 20 rooms. They filled and we did another 10 rooms and they have filled.

This will be the biggest attendance of Atomic Veterans and guests that we have had in the last several years. I am sorry that we did not see this coming and asked for more rooms.

National Commander of the National Association of Atomic and Nuclear Veterans

     Fred Schafer

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